Husband and Wife team.

We salvage damaged, diseased or troublesome trees destined for a burn pile, landfill or waste. We seek out local hardwoods and novelty species and turn them into rough sawn lumber and one of a kind, heirloom quality furniture and homegoods.

Every tree has a story--

It all started with a nearby couple who built their home on a hill next to a Florida Black Walnut tree many, many years ago. They called their place Windy Hill Ranch. A few years ago, that tree was struck by lightening and came crashing down next to the back porch. It sat there for weeks. It was a mess. We took our tractor to help. We carried the crumbled pile of limbs and wildly bent, split trunk and gnarled bits home and unloaded. As an experienced carpenter of 30+ years, who lives by plumb, square and 1/16" margin of error, surveying the jumble and contemplating its value, "There's not a straight board in that entire pile, but it's Black Walnut! There's value in that somehow."

And the visionary began to see wood in a new light. 

He began to look for the universe within. 

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Located 25 min northwest of Tallahassee, FL, between Havana and Quincy