Where do we start? 

If this is a custom piece, we start with whatever is most important to you - species, color, purpose. And then we consider what we have on hand that would fit the parameters of size and style and whether it will be used indoors or out. And yes, cost is often a contributing factor.

The beginning steps are not always in the same order, but usually, once we land on a rough design to aim for or which species to work with, we choose the logs or slabs on hand and start with moisture content. Nothing built with wood that is too wet can be counted on to last. The wood has to stabilize. Through a combination of enough time to air dry and often a finishing time in a kiln, we can reach desired moisture content.

Then fabrication can begin. 

Rough plane, finish plane, sand through of series of grit textures from course to fine. Reduce/remove mars and scars to refine away all distractions from the beauty of the grain. Or if you are looking for a crunchier, more rugged look, leave some of the pits and scratches and chain saw marks. 

We always use stainless fasteners, if any, and/or high end glues and epoxies.

Legs can be wood or metal. We repurpose old metal desk legs and other treasure from scavenges. Or we can custom fabricate timeless table bases of aluminum or steel.

We like to use furniture feet or casters to protect your floor surfaces and facilitate ease of movement if necessary. Live edge furniture tends to be heavy!

Then the finish. Follow the Finishes page link on our home page for details.

Be sure to view all our links at the bottom of the page to know what WOOD SPECIES we offer, to understand THE PROCESS and FINISHES.