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Here is how we get our wood:

Joyce K Camphor Salvage

Juniper Rd. Sweet Bay Salvage

Kinhega Sondoreggor Pine Salvage

Magnolia Grandiflora Salvages

R Tucker Cherry and Hickory Salvage

Storm Clean-up (Hurricane Michael and tornadoes)

Wright Salvage

Fran's Hollow Walnut Salvage

We salvage Trees.

What does that mean????

  • Acquire and store logs and stumps.
  • Take logs to the mill or hand mill by chainsaw.
  • Store live edge milled timber to air dry. Kiln dry when necessary.
  • Help you choose what will meet your needs and vision best.
  • Design and build custom furniture.
  • **Sometimes, it is necessary to use penetrating epoxy to consolidate wood that has splits or gaps that cause concern for potential durability issues.**

How do we acquire logs and stumps?

Tree ways -- (yes, pun intended)

  1. Gleanings from our Tractor Service.
  2. Gleanings from a local tree service.
  3. Buy them from other local salvagers.

**Gleanings from our Tractor Service** Basically, we advertise our Tractor Services for storm clean up and downed tree removal along with bush hog mowing, light land clearing, grading, forklift or (wo)manlift services and so on. 

If you are interested to know more about tractor services, go to our Facebook business page at

People call us to do various services. This is where we seek out local hardwoods and novelty species. In the scope of cleaning up property, trees and branches must be disposed of. Though there is usually a portion of waste that ultimately is burned, some is chipped (which makes great mulch), some is split into firewood and cooking wood and the best parts are hauled to our place to season and strategically mill in order to reveal the universe within the wood. Like a sunset, or waves on the ocean or even flames of a campfire, the beauty and significance of each gaze cannot be denied.

**Gleanings from a local tree service**  When an area tree service has logs too big to chip, he burns them, sends them to a log splitter or drops them off to us. We categorize the logs, stack and store them until it's time to mill them

**Buy them from other local salvagers** Scour the internet and community for hard to find or new to us species.

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